Affinity offers Innovative, reliable, customized and fully supported services that empower our customers to succeed.

The Affinity team identifies and addresses business needs on an individual customer level to then provide the most effective support services thereby empowering a clear, worry-free path to success.

IT Solutions

An innovative and reliable approach to IT services

Affinity provides end-to-end IT services covering all aspects of IT infrastructure and hosting, solution design, development, operation, maintenance, and compliance. Our ”we take care of everything” approach to IT enables our customers to focus on their current and evolving business needs and enjoy a simple, easy-to-manage communications path to their solution provider.

Our Microsoft technology stack provides a consistent platform whether we need to target a cloud or an on-site infrastructure. Having a single, unified development environment with infrastructure control and operational management is fundamental to efficient and regulation-compliant IT governance.


A comprehensive range of innovative eLearning solutions

Designed to maintain a knowledgeable workforce and to ensure strict compliance with relevant regulatory guidelines, Affinity’s eLearning programs ensure achievement of customer learning objectives in less time and at less cost.

Our online courses are customized to client requirements, highly engaging and interactive, and available on-demand affording better access to important learning materials which maximizes participation and retention of the information presented.

Our solutions can eliminate the need for a classroom, an on-site instructor, hard-copy learning materials, and even catering to provide a cost-efficient alternative to traditional face-to-face training.


Ongoing analysis and collaboration to develop effective and targeted solutions

At Affinity, we recognize that ongoing collaboration with customers is key to our mutual success. We offer expert business analysis and consulting services whether building a new solution, maintaining an existing one, or working towards the improvement of current business practices. Our business analysts offer consultation services that are informed, innovative and targeted to client needs.