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Affinity’s mission is to empower our customers and their success. Our vision harnesses the boundless possibilities of technology and delivers innovative solutions to achieve business transformations through process improvement and automated workflow orchestration.

At eSolutions, we work as a true business partner to understand the strategic objectives of our customers. We believe that technology serves as the means to the end to support business requirements. Key to our methodology is the roadmapping and delivery of short-term milestones to build the foundation for long-term goals.
Through eHealth we operate a multi-dimensional platform for monitoring and compliance programs, developed by eSolutions, which has become a market leader.
Affinity’s own unique business model clearly demonstrates that our key areas of expertise - development and operations - work effectively together to maximize and empower business success. Working within such a partnership relationship, Affinity not only understands business needs but also has the technical expertise to achieve successful implementation.

Our Company

Through ground-breaking technology, hardened security and end-to-end customer service unrivalled in today’s marketplace, we successfully streamline processes of the utmost complexity and strictest of regulatory requirements while supporting clients every step of the way with industry-leading training and service. Our innovation, passion and commitment form the foundation of our work empowering all clients to achieve the highest standards in efficiency, accountability and success as they experience transformational change in their business, people and processes.

In 2000, Affinity was founded in recognition of the opportunities inherent to the emerging field of technology-driven enterprise.

Our initial mission critical project for the U.S. Department of Defense demanded the utmost in responsiveness, security and technical expertise, all hallmarks of the Affinity technology platform and our in-house team of experts. The Joint Services Support (JSS) portal is a gateway to the wide range of support programs available to service members and their families. Affinity has continued to expand the scope of our Department of Defense technology solutions to include management of events (Event Plus), service provider networks (SPN) and cadet training academies (ACT).

Strengthened by our successful partnership with the Department of Defense, which continues to this day, our entrance into the compliance monitoring marketplace was a natural progression. In 2006, Affinity became one of the pioneers in drug testing administration, online compliance monitoring and case management.

Core Competency

Affinity’s core competency is empowerment of customer success in business transformation through the development and implementation of highly-secure, scalable technology solutions.

Our solutions transform, consolidate, automate, and organize inefficient processes subject to stringent privacy, confidentiality, and regulatory requirements. These transformational changes to our clients’ business processes are meticulously planned, designed, executed, maintained, and supported through our ongoing analysis process and our operational discipline.

Our Team

The Affinity team includes 100+ members offering a wide range of skills and experience in each of our business and service areas.

Our leadership team shapes the direction of Affinity to ensure its ongoing growth and success.

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